Iona Lite.



WHAT:     Beginners and improvers spiritual development circle.

WHEN:     Monday evenings during term time.

WHERE:   Wrington, North Somerset.

WHO:       Iona Circle team headed up by Kevin, Ross & Dan. 

COST:      3.00 per person per meeting.


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What we do.


An opportunity for beginners and those seeking like minded people to explore spirituality.  It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner who wants to learn about ghosts, spiritual healing, tarot cards, psychometery,  remote viewing and many other topics, we cover it all with themed Monday evening meetings where you get a guided meditation followed by hands on practice to allow you to try out the topic of the evening.  We provide advice and more experienced group members are on hand to explain.  It is all light hearted although we do take our activity seriously. 


This is very much a starter and refresher group, but we hope to give everyone the basics that will allow them to progress to specific areas of spiritual work that they find interesting.  We try to provide a good grounding in ethics, safe working practice and an understanding of the basic requirements for spiritual activity. 


Over the years we have had some very well known names in our circle and launched some distinguished mediums !