'60th' Gathering.



Although it was never the intention to hold another formal memorial service, a number of people came together spontaneously to meet on St Boniface Down on the 60th anniversary of the accident.


In the group were airline colleagues, family members, representatives from the NATS Radar Station, the Wight Aviation Museum and some of the original organisers of the memorial. 


Flowers and messages were left at the memorial site and a large model of the aircraft was displayed before being handed over to the Wight Aviation Museum where it will be on show

together with a short narrative about the accident and the resulting changes in aviation safety.

All those on the plane were held in our thoughts and there was a one minute silence for everyone involved at the time of the accident.


We were delighted to welcome a crew from Ventnor Fire Service who brought an appliance to represent their colleagues who did so much to save lives on the day of the crash.


The accident site 60 years after it happened.


Photographs c.  Peter Missen & Ross Floyd